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Meal Plan

Regardless of what anyone says about you and your weight, you should follow this basic principle. Eat 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) EVERY day as a minimum.

Cereal with milk (try sliced bananas IN your milk); lactose intolerant? Try Soya milk instead of milk.
1 or 2 eggs (any style - to make it easy, try buying those microwaveable egg poachers; makes one egg in 32 seconds).
Apple or fruit of some type
Orange juice or apple juice

Pasta - carbs are good for energy when you most need it. You can try canned pasta like chef boyardee Mini ravioli (yum!) or lasagna or pizza (Dr. Oetker pizzas are small but are ready 15 minutes! my fav!)
Bagel or piece of bread (or pizza instead)
Fruit (apple, or fruit cup)

Meat protein: preferrably chicken breast or fish but steak does me good!
Salad: green spinach with mushrooms, tomatoes, radishes, or garnish with whatever you like; try some tofu cubes with some balsamic vinegar
Soup: try canned soup like italian wedding soup from Campbells (yum!)
Rice: a small amount of carbs is good for dinner time
Fruit: apple or orange
Dessert: yogurt or slice of apple pie
Drink: Juice or even a glass of red wine

If you follow this simple principle (3 meals a day), you should be fine. Any other snacks in between would be bonus. Snacks like granola bars or peanut butter sandwich contain good fats that will help you maintain and gain weight. But don't skip breakfast! At least have that one egg a day in the morning.

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