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Is Sammi Cheng Anorexic?

Sammi Cheng Sau Man held a concert in Taipei on July 3rd. Sporting ten fashion-forward costumes, including a deep-V top, Sammi revealed skin and bones in her chest area. To lose weight for her performance, Sammi stopped eating rice in her diet and exercised intensively at the gym. Her weight dropped down to only 43 kg (95 lbs)!
It has been ten years since Sammi’s last concert in Taipei.  The seats were packed at the concert hall. Sammi’s good friend, Andy Hui Chi On, was not present at the concert. Sammi’s parents and elder sister attended the concert to show their support.
Allegedly, $4 million (TWD) was spent on Sammi’s concert costume wardrobe. The most eye-catching was Sammi’s black and white deep-V outfit, which revealed her skeletal body.

Source: Tom.com
Jayne: Sammi Cheng looks anorexic in the above photos. She’s all skin and bones! This kind of drastic weight loss can not be healthy for the body!
Sammi has a wide face that would appear puffy when she weighs more. That’s the only reason why I think she lost so much weight, so that her face will appear slimmer on camera? 

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