четвер, 19 серпня 2010 р.

Skinny anorexic model poses for glamour photoshoot


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  1. these pics are fake. that are women with average weight, but it's photoshopped...

    "In this photographic series, Ivonne Thein, born in 1979 in Meiningen, Germany, takes on the problem of pathological thinness which many young girls (and grown women) pursue in the US, sometimes at the cost of their lives. A worrying phenomenon which began back in the 1990s with the on-line movement called “pro Ana” that promoted anorexia as a positive status symbol. Thein’s photographs are constructed using the same visual devices utilized in fashion photography. In them we find the same “superficiality”, the same compositional style and the same atmosphere. Computer edited, the photographs show the already-thin models transformed into skin-and-bone mannequins with their faces hidden and their bodies bent into unnatural, disturbing poses."