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Daily weighing isn't for everyone

Many weight loss programs suggest weekly, instead of daily, weighing. Fluctuations in water retention, time of the menstrual cycle, and the inaccuracy of scales are all mentioned as reasons to weigh weekly instead of daily. Weekly weights provide a better overall picture of weight status, and still give enough time to make adjustments in activity and eating habits before weight gain gets out of control. Kelly Brownell, PhD, director of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, believes that regular weigh-ins are most helpful for people who are succeeding with weight loss, and potentially a problem for those who are at a weight plateau or losing very slowly.

When the daily weigh-in leads to negative emotions, an "I'll never succeed" attitude, or a rush toward jelly donuts to soothe injured feelings, it's obviously not a positive weight loss technique. People struggling with depression are advised to stay away from the scale, which can potentially be a source of even more negative thoughts. Often people caught in disordered eating weigh themselves compulsively, obsessing over every small change in weight. In all these examples, getting rid of the scale is more effective than regular weigh-ins, no matter how infrequent.

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