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Ulrika Jonsson's super skinny new look sparks fears for the star

Television viewers feared for Ulrika Jonsson’s health after they were shocked by her gaunt appearance on GMTV yesterday.
Diet experts also expressed concern for the ex-weather girl and Gladiators presenter, who looked stick-thin in a low-cut top revealing a bony chest.
Her appearance, which also showed her ultra-skinny legs, was in contrast to the trim but healthy look she sported only a year ago while on holiday.
Fans commented on her latest look on message boards, with one saying “she looks ill” . Another said: “She looks unnaturally and unhealthily thin. If this is a diet she has taken it too far.”
Even a source close to the 42-year-old Swede admitted: “Her weight has ballooned up and down in recent years and she looks far too thin now. I hope she is looking after herself.”
And registered dietitian Nigel Denby, recent author of The GDA Diet book, said: “If Ulrika is on a diet, she needs to stop now.”
But after being contacted about the concerns, mum-of-four Ulrika told the Mirror: “I don’t particularly want to say anything about my appearance. But I can reassure you that I have no eating disorder and am happily married.”
Last July, Ulrika drew admiring glances on California’s Malibu Beach.
She had had surgery to reshape and reduce her breasts, persuading third husband Brian Monet to pay £11,000 for the op after they ballooned to a 34I cup during her fourth pregnancy.

And the Celebrity Big Brother winner has previously told Hello! magazine: “I found it so stressful to be worried about my weight. We are made to feel self-conscious in the public eye about our weight and I resist it at every level.
“My attitude to people who are dangerously obese is that they really need to look after themselves. But if you’re a size 14 or 16, that’s OK.”
I saw Ulrika in a TV trailer for Shooting Stars the other night and was so shocked I had to press pause to take a proper look.
She was wearing a low-cut top like in these pictures and I couldn’t believe how much her breast bones were protruding.
Ulrika has never been big but now she looks worryingly thin and I desperately hope she isn’t unwell. Some women do find it hard to put on weight no matter what they eat – and I should imagine that working and looking after four kids certainly burns up the calories!
But if Ulrika is actively dieting to look like this then maybe it’s time her fella or a close friend told her enough is enough.
When Ulrika revealed her “new body” last year she looked incredible. And it must have been fantastic to hear everyone saying so. But I know myself that when you lose weight it’s easy to get swept away by everyone’s compliments and you find yourself trying to get even slimmer.
If you keep going too far then, rather than looking younger, you actually start looking older.
So Ulrika, if you are still dieting, it’s time to chuck out the scales and give yourself a break.

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