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Healthy Ways to Diet for Teen Girls

Teenage girls are under tremendous pressure to be thin. You are most likely getting messages from fashion magazines, friends, parents, and boys that in order to be beautiful and desirable, you need to be thin. At the same time, your social life most probably revolves around going out for pizza and ice cream with friends, watching movies, and other sedentary activities. The contradiction between the pressure you are receiving to be thin and your actual lifestyle must be stressing you out. There are ways to slim down naturally and easily, without obsessing about your weight.

Get Active

1. Moving, moving, moving is the key to losing weight. You don't have to join an expensive gym or obsess over fitness. You just need to include more physical activity in your daily life. Walk to and from school. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Dance around your room. Take walks with friends instead of going out for pizza. Do some kind of vigorous aerobic exercise, like running or swimming, for half an hour to 45 minutes every day. Ride your bike for transportation instead of asking your dad for a ride. Learn to skateboard or Rollerblade. 

Join a Team

2. Playing team sports is a great way to lose weight. Even if you are not the best athlete and the coach is not likely to give you much time on the field, training with the team is a sure way to lose weight. You'll boost your metabolism right away, and you'll feel lighter and healthier. 

Bring Lunch to School 

3. School lunches are notoriously full of fat and empty calories. Take the time to make your own lunch. If you generally rush to get out of the house in the morning, make your lunch at night. Have fun with your lunches. You can buy a cute lunch box or lunch bag. Bring hot soup in a thermous. Plain non-fat yogurt, a sandwich made with whole grain bread, veggies and fat-free dressing or hummus, or leftovers from last night's healthy dinner are all great lunch items. 

Cook for Yourself 

4. It's possible that your mom's cooking is making you fat. Learning to cook a few low-cal, nutrient-dense dishes will help you to lose weight. Learn to cook brown rice, whole grain pasta, steamed vegetables and broiled chicken. They are packed with the nutrients your growing body needs, and they are easy to cook.

Carry Fruit and Vegetables in Your Backpack

5. If you often find yourself snacking on junk food at school or with your friends, carry healthy snacks with you at all times. Fruit, vegetables and plain rice cakes are great munchies with very few calories. When your friends reach for a bag of chips, you can reach into your backpack for a piece of fruit or a vegetable. 

Wear Clothes That Fit

6. If you are feeling pressure to wear size four jeans but you really wear a size eight, wear the size eight. Don't try to squeeze yourself into clothes that don't fit. No one sees the size label inside your jeans. Choosing clothes that fit and flatter your body will make you look thinner than following the latest trend. When you feel good in your clothes, you will feel thin. When you feel thin, you will feel good. When you feel good, you will be less likely to binge on junk food. 

Love Yourself 

7. Teenagers are under a lot of pressure--not just to be thin. A little self-love goes a long way. Every day, find something to appreciate about yourself. Congratulate yourself when you choose fruit over ice cream. Find something about your appearance that you really like and emphasize it. Focus your energy on helping other people. A positive attitude is your best weapon in weight loss. 

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