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How Long Does it Take To Become Anorexic

How long does it take to become anorexic?

When I found out that the reason she got that fine figure was by not eating I went out and tried it myself. It SUCKED BIG TIME. I couldn’t take it! How can you just stop eating???? I was living with my parents at the time and they always fed me, also I really wanted to eat my lunch and dinner. I tried to become anorexic and failed miserably… 6 months past and I was no where near my goal of looking good enough to get a date and my first kiss :’(

I turned 19 and high school was over, I left high school with no dating experience.

When I left high school I was really determined to find out how to become anorexic skinny. I started speaking to the girls that had the body I always wanted and found out that they were all getting past the stage where they could overcome the HUNGER! I learnt how to do this from them and it actually worked…I learnt a way to become anorexic in a month.

At that time I used to think anorexic was the will to eat less, but later I discovered it was a disease. It comes from the obsession to stop eating. I had that obsession. I even started asking questions like – “how to become anorexic without your parents finding out?”

Yes I lost alot of weight but at a big price – I became completely obsessed with my weight and what I was eating. I developed the disease and suffered from the eating disorder, and the truth is it can never make you simultaniously thin and happy.

Seriously when you develop this habit of eating less food, your body will have to maintian it, and this will make you depressed. When I was anorexic, every day was a challenge. Just walking past a plate of food brought me to tears or worse.

I spoke to that very girl I saw all those years back, she still has a eating disorder and is very depressed.

The truth is I stupidly imagined that I could simply restrict my daily intake to several hundred calories for a few months or so and then begin eating normally once I’d dropped a few dress sizes. If only! Throughout the years, I was either dangerously underweight or putting on pounds very fast.

When I recovered from my eating disorder the weight just piled ALL back. The whole journey was depressing and completely pointless.

But I was determined to find out the real method to weightloss? How is it that girls are able to be as thin as a person that is anorexic but still be able to eat a healthy and normal amount of food. I began asking questions these questions to some of my old school friends (who are now models), and they shared with me their secrets.

The key was to eat small amounts of the right foods that make you feel full but have super low calories. If you do want to know you can now download my free report (too many people were emailing me so now you can just get it on the right hand side THIS IS FOR OVER 18s ONLY)

I lost a TON of weight really fast and by university time I was looking like my photo! The picture to the right under “about me” is me when I was 23. I got my first date 1 week into university and my first kiss from that same boy after 2 weeks of dating…I don’t know how on earth he put up with me but we do get on well together!

I know what you must be thinking is the method safe? and what is the method that all these models without eating disorders actually doing? How is it that these girls were just as thin without having a eating disorder?

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